Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is cancer that forms in tissues of the skin. There are several types of skin cancer. Skin cancer that forms in melanocytes (skin cells that make pigment) is called melanoma. Skin cancer that forms in basal cells (small, round cells in the base of the outer layer of skin) is called basal cell carcinoma. Skin cancer that forms in squamous cells (flat cells that form the surface of the skin) is called squamous cell carcinoma. Most skin cancers form in older people on parts of the body exposed to the sun or in people who have weakened immune systems.

Nonmelanomas are far more common, with more than 1 million cases in the United States diagnosed each year. They are much less serious than melanomas, which are responsible for more than 68,000 new cancer cases every year.

For more information, visit the National Cancer Institute.

Treatment at the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center

The UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center handles thousands of skin cancer cases each year for the treatment of melanoma, high-risk basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and other rare skin tumors, while also offering access to specialists in other areas, should the need arise.

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Skin Cancer Clinic:
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Skin Cancer Research at the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center

The UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center is actively involved in several innovative trials studying the best and most effective methods of treating skin cancer. One of the most promising studies involves a morning-after cream applied after prolonged exposure to sunlight with the goal of repairing damage caused to the skin by the sun.

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