Young Supporters Board

The Young Supporters Board of the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center was established in 2006 to introduce the next generation of Alabamians to the importance of cancer research and awareness. The board is comprised of up-and-coming professionals between the ages of 22 and 40, all of whom have been touched by cancer in some way. Several members are survivors themselves.

The Young Supporters Board hosts projects and fundraisers throughout the year, including the annual Fiesta Ball. The proceeds from these events go toward the board’s Young Investigator Grants, which fund the research of young scientists at the Cancer Center.

The board also provides services and activities for cancer patients in both the center’s inpatient and outpatient units. Throughout the year, board members visit and talk to patients and provide them with meals and holiday treats.

Interested in joining the Young Supporters Board? Download an application.

The board encourages younger members of the community to volunteer with its events and/or patient service activities. To learn more, call call Danya Segrest at (205) 934-0034 or e-mail

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Young Supporters Board Officers
Scott Laney– President
Jennifer McEwen – Vice President of Strategic Planning
Rebecca Beers – Vice President of Advisory Board Relations
Katie Kimbrell– Secretary/Treasurer
Alicia Waters – Scientist Liaison
Joey Azar and Lochrane Smith – Income Development Chairs
Jacob Baker and Anna Harris – Patient and Family Services Chairs
Bess Booth and Whitney Price – Communications and Public Relations Chairs
Charlie Adams – Immediate Past President

Young Supporters Board Members
Joey Azar
Jacob Baker
Rebecca Beers
Cliff Bell
David Blackmon
Bess Booth
Danae Boyd
Harrison Bradford
Mary-Margaret Brown
Barnett Chenowith
Caroline Davis
Lelia Deep
Lauren DeMoss
David Foster
Margaret Gaddy
Cole Gresham
Joey Griffin
Erica Hale
Anna Harris
Nicole Haywood
Virginia Hazelrig
Jessie Heppenstall
Frank Ippolito
Emily Journy
Katie Kimbrell
Scott Laney
Sarah Martin
Lisa McCollough
Maloree McDonough
Jennifer McEwen
Molly Murphy
Wilson Nash
Whitney Price
Victoria Rutledge
Laura Senn
Blair Smith
Carolyn Smith
Lochrane Smith
Amy O’Neal Stevens
Katie Terry
Chris Walker
Alicia Waters
Callen Whatley
Reed Williams
Megan Wise

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