Cancer Risk and Prevention

Director: Helen Krontiras, M.D., (breast surgical oncologist)

There is increasing recognition that cancer represents a multifaceted disease with significant genetic components that can contribute to inherited cancer syndromes. This is particularly true for breast and ovarian cancer. This realization also allows for interventions directed at screening and potential prevention of these malignancies.

As such, through support generously provided by the Lynne Cohen Foundation, UAB has joined the prestigious consortium established by the Lynne Cohen Foundation. Research physicians, genetic counselors, and research nurses in the area of ovarian and breast cancer have joined forces to provide the highest level of screening assessment, counseling, interventions, and access to clinical trials under the auspices of “Lynne Cohen Preventive Care Program for Prevention of Women’s Cancers at UAB.”

Our clinic represents the only multidisciplinary clinic devoted specifically to the assessment and care of women potentially at risk for ovarian and breast cancer in the Southeast. In addition to offering sophisticated genetic assessment and counseling, an array of preventive interventions and clinical trials are also available.

An important aspect of the mission at UAB is to provide access to make assessments and interventions available to the under-served populations in our region. We recognize that travel is often necessary for those coming to the clinic for evaluation. As such, you will be guided through a thorough multidisciplinary assessment and have screening services (ie screening blood tests, ultrasound, mammography, MRI, clinical trial enrollment) available when needed in a single visit.

Through these efforts, we hope to make specialized expertise and services available to women across this region, such as breast examinations; recommendations for risk-reduction strategies including lifestyle modification, chemo-preventive medications that have been found to decrease breast or ovarian cancer risk and prophylactic surgery if indicated; as well as access to the latest early detection and prevention clinical trials.

Eligibility: Are you at high risk?

Women with the following characteristics are considered to be high risk or have increased risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer:

–A BRCA-1 or -2 gene mutation

–A mother, daughter or sister with breast or ovarian cancer, or several family members with such cancers

–A close relative diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer under age 40

–A breast biopsy with atypical cells or lobular carcinoma in-situ

–Ashkenazi Jewish descent

–History of infertility treatment

–Previous diagnosis of breast or ovarian cancer

To make an appointment or to learn more, call the clinic coordinator at (205) 934-5778 or toll-free at (866) 494-5778.

More information on the Lynne Cohen Foundation can be found at

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