Recruitment and Retention

Mona Fouad, M.D., M.P.H.
– Director

Contact: (205) 934-2829



The purpose of the Recruitment and Retention Shared Facility is to provide an infrastructure to recruit subjects to cancer control and chemoprevention research studies and therapeutic trials with expertise and emphasis on targeting African Americans, women, and older individuals. It is a given that the recruitment of subjects to clinical trials is vital to the success of research. Yet recruitment and retention of subjects in clinical research requires great effort from investigators, and the recruitment and retention of special population groups (minorities and women) pose even greater challenges and can be very costly to studies. Ethical issues and health disparities relevant to access and outcomes still have a major impact in clinical research and minority recruitment.


  • Provide a recruitment infrastructure that includes information system modules for Mass Mailing System (MMS), Recruitment Tracking System (RTS), Health Profile System (HPS), and a Patient Navigation Tracking System.
  • Assist investigators in developing research proposals that include detailed study designs for recruitment and retention.
  • Create and conduct tailored recruitment strategies that include media messages, recruitment materials, community outreach activities, mass mailings for population-based studies, and patient navigation support for therapeutic trials.

Outreach and Education

  • Provide and maintain the ongoing linkage between UAB researchers and surrounding communities by making community presentations and developing materials to raise community awareness regarding clinical trial participation by minority groups.


  • Design and test innovative recruitment strategies to enhance recruitment and retention of African American participants in therapeutic trials.
  • Train and maintain a cadre of Patient Navigators to disseminate information about UAB cancer research studies and provide support services to those who enroll in clinical trials.

Contact Information:

Director:  Mona Fouad, M.D., M.P.H.
Phone: (205) 934-2829

Manager:  Cynthia Y. Johnson
Phone: (205) 975-7934

Manager:  Julie Schach
Phone:  (205) 934-6850

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