Edward Acosta, Pharm.D.
– Director

Contact: (205) 934-2655



In response to the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center’s strategic theme of translational therapeutics and continuing focus on drug discovery through the Alabama Drug Discovery Alliance, in combination with the establishment of the Phase I clinical trial unit, a growing need for Pharmacokinetics/ Pharmacodynamics (Pharmacometrics) was evident.  The Director in consultation with the Director’s Council and the External Advisory Board made the decision to approach the Pharmacology and Toxicology Department about providing pharamkometrics as a service to CCC Members.

Within the department was existing expertise in Dr. Ed Acosta along with the necessary equipment and space to provide the service on a developing basis. Developmental fundng was initiated in 2014 and will continue into the next funding cycle. The Director’s Council will monitor progress of the PSF monthly. The expectation is that as caner therapeutics in the ADDA pipeline reach animla toxicity studies, that the PSF will develop the assays and perform the analysis. If a therapeutic agent passes into human studies the PSF will be utilized to also perform the human studies. In addition, the PSF will be working with UAB translational and clinical investigators and the Phase I Unit to identify projects that would benefit from the expertise and technology available in the PSF.

The UAB CCC PK/PD Core offers all CCC members access to mass spectrometry assay development and state-of-the-art pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (collectively called pharmacometrics) data analysis services. The PSF has the capacity to perform these services under Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) for regulatory approval purposes. These services compliment the existing infrastructure of the CCC by providing preclinical through Phase III assay development and analyses for cancer-related drugs. The director has over 20 years of experience conducting pharmacometric studies, and the PSF operates under CLIA and HIPAA standard operating procedures. The Core develops drug assays from multiple matrices including plasma, urine, CSF, tissue, and intracellular. Services also include study design, grant, and manuscript writing assistance.

Contact Information:

Director: Edward Acosta, Pharm.D.
Phone: (205) 934-2655