High-Resolution Imaging

Alexa L Mattheyses, Ph.D. – Director

Website: http://www.uab.edu/highresolutionimaging/


The mission of the High Resolution Imaging Shared Facility (HRISF) is to provide access to instrumentation and expertise that supports fundamental mechanistic studies and the development and testing of new biomarkers and treatments for cancer.

The overall aim of the HRISF is to offer access to high resolution imaging capabilities for members of the UAB-CCC, and to provide the technical expertise needed for appropriate use. Building on our progress in the last cycle, we have expanded the imaging resources available in the facility to enhance our ability to support cancer investigation. The HRISF now offers: 1) multiphoton laser scanning microscopy for intravital imaging; 2) high speed confocal laser scanning microscopy; 3) transmission and environmental scanning electron microscopy; 4) Ca2+ imaging; 5) FRET, FRAP, and FLIM imaging; 6) high-throughput imaging (imaging cytometry); 7) a system for the analysis of nanoparticles and exosomes; 8) digital microscopy equipment configured with deconvolution software; and 9) image processing programs. The HRISF is staffed by experienced technical specialists who are able to offer assistance at each stage of an imaging experiment.

The specific aims of the High Resolution Imaging Shared Facility are:

Aim 1.  Access to Instrumentation and Service

  • To provide access to comprehensive, state-of-the-art imaging applications.
  • To provide consultation in the design and planning of imaging experiments, both in vitro and in vivo.
  • To provide technical assistance for imaging studies, including consultation concerning specimen preparation, and assistance with image acquisition and imaging data analysis.
  • To provide assistance in manuscript and grant preparation.
  • To work with CCC investigators to identify new ways that imaging technologies such as super resolution imaging, and to work to implement them to support the research programs of CCC investigators.

Aim 2.  Education and Outreach

  • To provide one-on-one education and training in high resolution imaging technologies to investigators and their laboratory personnel on a project-specific basis.
  • To provide didactic training for students through formal classroom lectures and hands-on laboratory experience with imaging equipment. An integral part of this training is to ensure that students understand ethical considerations in image analysis and presentation.

Contact Information:

Director:  Alexa Mattheyses, Ph.D.
Email:  mattheyses@uab.edu 
Phone: (205) 975-0680

Technical Staff:
Shawn Williams – Microscopist, Digital Imaging Specialist, Confocal Microscopy Specialist
Email:  tzaron@uab.edu
Phone:  (205) 934-7403

Ed Phillips – General Microscopy and Sample Preparation, Fluorescence, Histology, Electron Microscopy
Email:  dogfan@uab.edu
Phone:  (205) 934-7855

For questions pertaining to Electron Microscopy and EM Sample Preparation, please contact:

Melissa Chimento – Electron Microscopist – Transmission EM, Sample Preparation
Email:  mchimento@uab.edu
Phone:  (205) 934-1926

Terje Dokland, Ph.D. – Cryo-Electron Microscopist, Cryo-EM Sample Preparation
Email:  dokland@uab.edu
Phone:  (205) 996-4502 or (205) 996-4510

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