Burt Nabors, M.D.– Program Co-Leader

Ichiro Nakano, M.D., Ph.D.– Program Co-Leader



The mission of the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center Neuro-Oncology (NO) Program is improve treatment options and therapies for adult and pediatric brain cancer patients through multidisciplinary, translational research.

The primary scientific interests and programmatic objectives of the Program are:

  1. To examine the cellular and molecular biology of human primary neuroglial malignancies and their resultant cellular behaviors responsible for morbidity and m
    ortality in patients;
  2. To incorporate basic science observations of primary neuroglial tumor biology into translational research that can directly lead to development of new diagnostic, prognostic (biomarker) or therapeutic clinical protocols for primary, recurrent or metastatic brain tumors;
  3. To provide the highest level of clinical care for patients with nervous system cancers and conduct innovative, investigator-initiated clinical trials in neuro-oncology;
  4. To ensure that patients in the catchment area are served and that differences in the behavior of therapeutic responsiveness of primary neuroglial tumors in African American patients are identified and addressed;
  5. To educate physicians and scientists interested in brain tumor biology and treatment.


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