Bioinformatic Resources

The following is a list of bioinformatic resources that may be helpful to UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center investigators.

Click here for a downloadable version of this list.


Comprehensive Cancer Projects

Cancer Genome Project

Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium

International Cancer Genome Consortium

The Cancer Genome Atlas

The cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics

The Cancer Genome Atlas Clinical Explorer
An interface for identifying clinical-genomic driver associations



CancerDR: Cancer Drug Resistance Database

An integrated bioinformatic pipeline for automated meta-analysis of public cancer microarray data

A resource of cancer-relevant compound and protein interactions

CanGEM: Cancer Genome Mine

Human Cancer Proteome Variation Database

Integrated Cancer Drug Discovery Platform

Cancer SNP Data on CNAs

Cell Line Navigator
A web-based compendium of cancer cell line expression profiles

Cancer Genome Anatomy Project

Cancer Gene Census

Cancer Genome WorkBench

ChromoHub V2
A database for navigators of chromatin-mediated signaling

Catalogue of Somatic Mutations in Cancer

BioMart portal for COSMIC

Cancer-Testis Antigens Database

dbDEPC 2.0
A database of differentially expressed proteins in human cancer

Cancer driver genes/mutations database deduced from exome-seq

Anti-cancer agent mechanism database

Human Potential Tumor Associated Antigen Database

International Agency for Research on Cancer TP53 Database

ICGC Data Portal
A single entry point to ICGC

IntOGen: Integrative Oncogenomics

IntOGen Biomart
Biomart portal of IntOGen

Integrated Tumor Transcriptome Array and Clinical Data Analysis

A database of human DNA methylation and cancer

miRNA-cancer association database

Mitelman Database
Database of chromosome aberrations and gene fusions in cancer

Mutations of Kinases in Cancer Database

NCG 4.0
Network of Cancer Genes

A cancer microarray database

A database of experimentally verified oncomiRs

Stem Cell Discovery Engine

Sequence and genotype verification of SNPs

Somatic mutations altering microRNA-ceRNA interactions

TCGA Roadmap
An updated road map of files in TCGA

Tumor Gene Family Databases

UCSC Cancer Genomics Browser
A web-based tool for integration, visualization and analysis of cancer genomics and clinical data

UMD TP53 Database
A database of TP53 mutations in human cancer


Cancer Type-Specific Databases

Cervical Cancer Database

Curated Ovarian Data
Clinically annotated data for the ovarian cancer transcriptome

Dragon Database of Genes Associated with Prostate Cancer

Genes-to-Systems Breast Cancer Database

Osteosarcoma Database
Database of osteosarcoma-associated genes and microRNAs

Pancreatic Expression Database

Renal Cancer Gene Database

A database of gene expression profiles and transcriptional programs for healthy and malignant hematopoiesis

Colorectal Cancer Atlas
A database of colorectal cancer

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Database
A manually curated resource of microRNA, RNA, protein and phosphoprotein level alterations reported to be differentially regulated in TNBC tissues and cell lines