Material/Speaker Requests

The O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center at UAB is recognized around the world as a leader in developing innovative approaches to cancer therapy. The O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center works every day to provide the highest quality of life for people diagnosed with cancer, while advancing the world’s understanding of cancer, and translating this knowledge into prevention, detection, treatment and survivorship. The O’Neal Cancer Center intends to eliminate cancer as a major public health problem.

The Office of Community Outreach serves as a leader, most notably for its work in educating the public in cancer awareness and the importance of screening as it relates to early detection. In our attempt to spread awareness and increase knowledge, we are happy to provide educational materials or a speaker from our community outreach staff for an event that relates to our initiatives here at the O’Neal Cancer Center.

Please click on the links below and complete the forms if you need educational materials or a speaker for a community event.

Contact Tara Bowman at (205) 975-2643 or with any questions.

Educational Materials Request Form

Speakers/Community Outreach Event Request Form