Komen Graduate Training in Disparities Research

Program Director: Karen Meneses PhD, RN, FAAN
Program Associate Director: Wendy Demark-Wahnefried PhD, RD

Description of the Overall Program

The Komen Graduate Training in Disparities Research (GTDR) grants are intended to establish and/or to sustain a training program for graduate students who ae seeking careers dedicated to understanding and eliminating disparities in breast cancer outcomes across population groups.  The GTDR also seeks to ensure that a diverse pool of highly trained scientists will emerge as the next generation of leaders in the field of breast cancer research focused on disparities in breast cancer outcomes.

Description of the GTDR Program at UAB

The overall objectives of the Training Program in Breast Cancer Survivorship Disparities Research (BCSDR) at UAB are to: (1) train predoctoral students from multiple disciplines to conduct research in breast cancer disparities; (2) increase the number of minority doctoral students engaged in breast cancer survivorship disparities research; (3) provide a specialized core curriculum of didactic and tailored research activities in breast cancer survivorship disparities; (4) foster the development of independent research careers in breast cancer survivorship disparities research; and (5) engage trainees to contribute to the reduction of disparities within their community of interest.  In summary, the overall goal is to train the next generation of independent investigators in team science to reduce breast cancer survivorship disparities.

Current Trainees (2017-2018)

Jacqueline Vo

Research Project: Cardiovascular disease risk among breast cancer survivors.  Chair: Karen Meneses PhD

Kayla Lewis

Research Project: The effects of SAHA and EGCG on metastatic potential in triple negative breast cancer.  Chair: Trygve Tollefsbol PhD

Kendra Royston

Research Project: Combinatorial withaferin A and sulforaphane and their potential roles in cancer prevention and therapy.  Chair: Trygve Tollefsbol PhD

Past Trainees (2015-2017)

Timiya Nolan PhD

Research Project: Exploring the lived experience of young African American Breast Cancer survivors to inform a psychoeducational intervention. Chair: Karen Meneses

Current appointment: Post-doctoral fellow at The Ohio State University College of Nursing.

Jennifer Bail PhD

Research Project:  Cancer-related symptoms and cognitive intervention adherence among breast cancer survivors: A mixed methods study.  Chair: Karen Meneses

Current appointment: Post-doctoral fellow at UAB, Department of Nutritional Sciences. Mentor: Wendy Demark-Wahnefried PhD, RD