Corporate Partners

As presidents of the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center Advisory Board and the Young Supporters Board, we extend our deep appreciation to our corporate supporters.

In choosing to support the Advisory Board’s fundraising initiative, our Partners in PROGRESS & PROMISE are helping Cancer Center physician-scientists save lives by developing new and better cancer treatments. They are helping prevent new cases of cancer and lower mortality rates by supporting community outreach, education and screening programs, and they are helping to provide supportive services to patients and their families, easing the burden of the cancer journey.

Our FRIENDS of the FUTURE, who support the Young Supporters Board’s fundraising efforts, are investing in the future of cancer care by helping fund competitive grants for young researchers. Their support gives brilliant young scientists the chance to produce data that can be used to secure additional, long-term funding for their research—research that could be the key to finding a cure for a disease that touches us all.

Not only do our corporate partners provide financial support, but they also help spread the Comprehensive Cancer Center’s messages of hope and healing. On behalf of all the doctors, researchers, patients and families who will be touched by their gifts, we thank them for their commitment to helping us reach the day when cancer is no longer a major health problem.

Rick Swagler
President, Advisory Board

Charlie Adams
President, Young Supporters Board

For information on becoming a Partner in PROGRESS & PROMISE or a FRIEND of the FUTURE, please contact Lisa Roth at (205) 934-0930 or

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