Endowment Support

The O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center at UAB strives to attract first-rate oncology faculty, residents and fellows to UAB and sustain an environment of excellence and scholarly distinction for cancer research, education and patient care. In the field of academic medicine, excellence attracts excellence, and endowments are often the margin by which a scholarly institution is measured. Established endowments supporting the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center will advance the future of oncologic science and patient care at UAB in the following ways:

–Enhancing the atmosphere of scholarly distinction in all cancer-related areas.

–Helping to attract and retain the best oncologists, surgeons, physician-scientists, and Ph.D. researchers – faculty who could choose to go anywhere in the world.

–Fostering an environment for faculty to pursue knowledge and fully realize their potential at UAB.

–Giving research scientists the resources to attend important educational seminars resulting in global collaborations in research and discovery.

–Sustaining translational science in its pursuit of better treatment, outcomes, disease management, and the eventual elimination of cancer for generations to come.

Endowed gifts are particularly important to the future of medicine and the elimination of disease because they provide ongoing funding to move basic scientific discovery “from bench to bed-side” where it has practical applications for patients.

This type of support does more than any other to enrich the center’s intellectual standing and helps us attract additional funding from competitive sources. Endowments serve to not only provide tangible benefits to UAB, but also to denote to others an atmosphere of excellence.


More information on UAB Endowments can be found here.

Questions? Contact Lisa Roth, Senior Director of Development, at (205) 934-0930 or lisaroth@uab.edu.


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