Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center is a volunteer group of community leaders, many of whom have been touched by cancer in some way. The mission of the board is to raise funds, provide patient amenities and increase awareness of the Cancer Center. This is accomplished through three committees – Income Development, Patient and Family Services, and Communications and Public Relations.

The Advisory Board launches an annual fundraising campaign every November, which benefits various projects at the center. A portion of the funds raised during each campaign, however, are used for patient and family services at the Cancer Center.

The Advisory Board was formed in 1984, under the guidance of Cancer Center Director Emeritus Albert LoBuglio, M.D. The board held its first fundraising campaign in 1986, and since then has raised more than $14 million for the center. The board’s signature event is the annual ArtBLINK Gala, which is held in February and is the culmination of the annual fundraising campaign. For more than 25 years, the Gala has remained one of Birmingham’s premier social events and one of the city’s most unique traditions.

Advisory Board Officers

Mr. Robert A. Carr- President
Mr. Craft O’Neal – President-Elect I
Mrs. Trisha Dodson- President-Elect II

Mr. Charles D. Perry- Secretary
Mrs. Mitzi S. Davis- Past President

Advisory Board Members

Mrs. Lois Bankston
Ms. Alisa Belcher
Ms. Jodi Benck
Ms. Bonnie Branum
Mr. Tommy Brigham, Jr.
Mr. Frank Bromberg, III
Mr. David Brown, III
Mr. Gary Burley
Ms. Barbara Burton
Mr. Robert Carr
Ms. Michelle Clemon
Mr. Adam Cohen
Mrs. Dana Davis
Ms. Leigh Davis
Mrs. Mitzi Davis
Mr. Charles DeBardeleben
Mrs. Lauren DeMoss
Mrs. Trisha Dodson
Mr. Billy Dodson, Jr.
Ms. Danielle Downing
Ms. Betsy Dreher
Mr. Lee Edwards
Ms. Helene Elkus
Mr. Jay Ezelle
Mr. Al Folcher, Jr.
Ms. Casi Ferguson
Mrs. Miller B. Girvin
Ms. Lisa Harris
Mrs. Anna Slive Harwood
Mrs. Idie Hastings
Ms. Ann Hayes
Mrs. Kirstin Hoff
Mr. Jim Hughey, Jr.
Mrs. Lessley Hynson
Mr. Bob Hynson
Mrs. Betts Johnson
Mrs. Cheryl Levy
Mr. Gaines Livingston
Mr. Frank Lynch, II
Mrs. Jeanie Mackenzie
Mr. Caldwell Marks
Mr. Danny Markstein
Ms. Terry McBride
Mr. Doug McCrary
Mrs. Laura McDonald
Mr. Ed Meyerson
Ms. Joyce Mitchell
Mr. Robert Moore, III
Mr. Colin Moorhouse
Mr. John Nathan
Mr. Craft O’Neal
Mrs. Helen Pardue
Mr. Richard Pardue
Mr. Foots Parnell, III
Mr. Charlie Perry
Mr. Clarence Pouncey
Mr. Guin Robinson
Mrs. Kitty Robinson
Mrs. Kim Rogers
Mr. Deak Rushton
Mrs. Becky Seay
Mr. Callen Sparrow
Mr. Ralph Summerford
Mr. Rick Swagler
Mr. Lee Thuston
Mr. Sam Todd
Mrs. Lissa Tyson
Mr. Jeffrey Underwood
Mrs. Suzanne Wald
Ms. Cathy Watson
Mr. Joel Welker
Mr. George Wheelock, III
Mrs. Susan Williams
Mr. Ricardo Woods
Mr. Mike Wright

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